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Many years ago in a universe parallel to ours, there was a great war that laid out upon it against dark entities, dead spirits simply known as "the Corrupted". An evil queen, who created these spirits, used them and her powers to disrupt the balances of the many worlds this universe had, sending everything into chaos for her own needs. But then three brave warriors came and sealed her and the Corrupted away, losing their lives in the act. The queen of this universe, fearing that the seal may break free someday, send the souls of the brave warriors into three children to take their place for the evil queen's return.... Years later, the Corrupted are starting to appear little by little and the many worlds have been left on their highest defenses. Now comes in Roxie, a young girl from our universe who gets pulled into their predicament while being separated from her best friend Erica. She then meets Ru, Willow, and Turbine. Three spirits who also get involved in the sudden act, and now they begin to set out on an adventure for Roxie to find Erica and save the universe.


Update 6/24/18

Gravity Rider is gonna be on a big hold at the moment.
Reasons why is because of life and because I wanna try and improve on my art skills more. I've been constantly putting up small doodles and sketches from time to time, and as of now, been taking a bit to work on a collab project with one of the Youtubers I'm working with. Trying to understand more about anatomy and fundamentals and practicing on using skeletal structures instead of doing all my work freehand. Once things are done, I'll essentially get back on working this passion project with the latests pages, which they will begin to look a lot more better, maybe even redo the past pages for the sake of quality and future selling plans. Until then, I really thank all of you for sticking with me this far and if you'd like to see more updates from me, you can check them out in the right links on my social media. Thanks for reading.

posted by CarlyChannel @ June 24th, 2018, 10:23 pm  -  0 comments

Update 6/8/18

So for those that have not been following me on social media, I've made a few announcements on my Twitter saying stuff on how I've gotten a new art program. Along with that, I've been heavily practicing more on my art style, such as not relying on free hand all the time. With this new program in mind, there's gonna be a huge quality change within the pages now. Right now I'm just worried about how this chapter will pull off with this new program, cause if I post the next page when it gets done it'll just look un-even. I want to make sure this comic will pull off in terms of quality, especially if it was ever to be released as a book to the real life public. There is a poll I have made both on my Facebook and Twitter pages, where I ask you guys if I should keep going with what I have or that I should probably remake all the pages again in this new program's format.

New page will probably come out in terms of a few more months as of now, I'm currently working on more stuff with the youtube collaborators I've mentioned last news post. But hopefully you all still stick around 'till then.

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Updates (4/20/18)

So to begin this off, I'm really sorry for not posting any new pages lately. I've been really busy with other stuff with the recent collabs I've been making with some Youtubers. Right now I'm currently taking a small break from drawing for this weekend, but rest assured, the next GR page update is gonna be made by the next coming week. I'm also planning to share some other exciting things I've been working with next Monday, so hopefully you'll all stay tuned for all that.

If you want some frequent updates for what I'm doing, you can either join my Discord Server or follow my Twitter. In the meantime, while you wait for future updates, why not go ahead and subscribe and follow the youtubers I've been working with.

Rest assured, you won't be disappointed by the content they make!

So thank you all for being patient and sticking with me so far, hopefully you all have a nice spring.

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Happy Halloween!

This is Carly.H, the artist for Gravity Rider, wishing you all to have a Happy Halloween! We do apologize if we are taking way a bit too long with the pages for this chapter, webcomics and art are not easy for everyone. But we really do appreciate the understanding and patience from all of you. Be sure to follow us on other social media to catch up on more updates from us by clicking the links on the right. 'Till then, we hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Want to see Gravity Rider be made to life on your computer screen or see more art by the author herself? Just follow our Live streams by clicking any of the following links on the left side of the home page. We stream every Friday at 11:30 am (PST).

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