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Update 6/8/18

So for those that have not been following me on social media, I've made a few announcements on my Twitter saying stuff on how I've gotten a new art program. Along with that, I've been heavily practicing more on my art style, such as not relying on free hand all the time. With this new program in mind, there's gonna be a huge quality change within the pages now. Right now I'm just worried about how this chapter will pull off with this new program, cause if I post the next page when it gets done it'll just look un-even. I want to make sure this comic will pull off in terms of quality, especially if it was ever to be released as a book to the real life public. There is a poll I have made both on my Facebook and Twitter pages, where I ask you guys if I should keep going with what I have or that I should probably remake all the pages again in this new program's format.

New page will probably come out in terms of a few more months as of now, I'm currently working on more stuff with the youtube collaborators I've mentioned last news post. But hopefully you all still stick around 'till then.

posted by CarlyChannel @ June 8th, 2018, 5:53 pm  -  0 Comments

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