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Update 6/24/18

Gravity Rider is gonna be on a big hold at the moment.
Reasons why is because of life and because I wanna try and improve on my art skills more. I've been constantly putting up small doodles and sketches from time to time, and as of now, been taking a bit to work on a collab project with one of the Youtubers I'm working with. Trying to understand more about anatomy and fundamentals and practicing on using skeletal structures instead of doing all my work freehand. Once things are done, I'll essentially get back on working this passion project with the latests pages, which they will begin to look a lot more better, maybe even redo the past pages for the sake of quality and future selling plans. Until then, I really thank all of you for sticking with me this far and if you'd like to see more updates from me, you can check them out in the right links on my social media. Thanks for reading.

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